Monthly Archives: July 2010

Baby Charlotte | Los Angeles Newborn Photography

I had the chance of photographing Grace & Mark‘s newborn when she made her appearance. I loved being able to see the pre-baby and post-baby couple. I’m sure everyone can agree everything changes once a baby arrives. I loved seeing them working together and I’m sure they’ll look back at these tired baby days fondly.

August 2, 2010 - 3:28 am Kim Kravitz - That first shot is too cute!! Great work!!

Congratulations to Sharla & Shayne | Laguna Beach Wedding Photography

Sharla and Shayne got married in Aliso Creek Inn in picturesque Laguna Beach. Surrounded by warm friends and family, their wedding had so many little things that made it personal to everyone. Photographs of guests when they were younger decorated the reception as well as a cake topper from Shayne’s grandparents’ own wedding. “Morning after mini muffins” served as wedding favors. Congrats guys!

Baby Gus 1 Year Session | Venice Baby Photography

I love being able to photograph a baby I’ve photographed before when they’re older. It never ceases to amaze me how much difference a few months makes. Little Gus wasn’t even able to sit up for more than a few seconds by himself when I last photographed him. At 1 year, he’s walking around and saying “ball.”

“Oh please lady.”